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20 facts about me.
1. I have a slight obsession with The Incredible Hulk.πŸ’ͺ
2. My dream Job is to be a teacher.πŸŽ“
3. Im called to be a pastor.πŸ™
4. My ambition is to become the greatest father and husband that I can possibly be.πŸ‘ͺ
5. I feel like im not ready for 2 - 4 just yet.😧
6. My favorite color is black.❀
7. I have a love/hate relationship with my reflection.πŸ’˜
8. I dont know to many dance moves but I can and will out dance you.πŸ’ƒ
9. Singing and music can make happy no matter what.🎼
10. Im a pervert but im not a man whore.πŸ‘…
11. I hate being single but for now its a necessary evil.πŸ’€
12. I HATE ketchup and any sause thats white.😠
13. I have a “twisted” sence of humor.πŸƒ
14. I have never drank an alcoholic beverage.🍺
15. Ive never used any illegal drugs nor have I ever smoked.🚭
16. Iv never been jealous before.πŸ’―
17. Im quick to forgive and forget.πŸ˜‡
18. I have 2 published poems.✊
19. I hate talking on the phone.πŸ“΅
20. I like getting into long deep conversations that make you second guess everything you thought you knew⁉
…. If you read all of this then you must have time on your hands so like the pic and thus I challenge you to post 20 facts about yourself. #20facts

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